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Responsibility in Self-Care is Up to All of Us

By: Soufia Hanna, Vice-Chair and Treasurer, Regulatory Affairs & Medical Services Director, ME, Africa, Turkey, West Asia at Reckitt Benckiser

When it comes to our health, we often overlook the most basic steps to follow. Many have gone through their daily lives under the impression that self-care is a selfish luxury. On the contrary, it is a basic human need that helps us function at an optimal level. International Self-Care Day is one of the many reminders of such a necessity, how we can take the initiative to raise awareness and take action after it. This region, like any other, must make self-care a habit and, more importantly, overcome the stigma or taboo that surrounds this subject. We have been given the opportunity to shed light on the numerous benefits that self-care can provide to both those in need and the region’s overall healthcare systems.

Through the awareness we have created, and continue to create, gives us a clearer understanding of who needs to be involved and how they can contribute to improving self-care in general. The long-discussed factors have the potential to improve the region’s healthcare systems. We must also emphasize the significant role that leading organizations and policymakers can play in ensuring that everyone has access to the best healthcare. Responsible self-care practices and tools can help anyone who is concerned about the well-being of others and themselves.

This is why we must continue to provide legitimate information about self-care, there will be even more innovation and digital tools for our disposal, but we must voice our needs for fairly priced self-care products, well-regulated products, and of course, the beneficial ones. The higher focus on policy and regulations in the region, means higher self-care practices. Therefore, our needs cannot go unnoticed if we can keep all stakeholders accountable for their decisions, and continue to spread our support for better health for all.