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Self-Care for Better Mind, Body, and Spirit

By: Micah, Vice-Chair Africa, Head of Africa Zone, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

International Self-Care Day (ISD), like any other significant date on the calendar, accelerates and highlights the issues surrounding achieving a healthier lifestyle. However, we must take a step forward, beyond focusing on raising awareness, and toward creating an environment that consistently promotes better self-care programs. We’ve seen and come a long way, in terms of prioritizing our well-being as a top priority, alongside carefully incorporating the appropriate, alternative solutions for better health.


As a reminder, July 24th is a culmination of Self-Care Month, starting from June 24, by the World Health Organization. This is an initiative that we must see more of and apply to the MENAP region. These fundamental concepts make a world of difference, as seen with the ISD activities throughout the years in various regions across the world. It can be as simple as organizing events for the youth, seniors, general public, occupational health, pharmacy manager training, research, etc. Facilitating concerts for the younger generation, physical examination programs for the elderly, sponsored public sporting events, and a variety of other communal occasions can bring a positive change in one’s lifestyle.


This is why MENAP-SMI has continued to support organizations taking a more hands-on approach to both self-care and communities involved from the grassroots level to the top of policymakers. And as we work together to gracefully transition into a more digitally based self-care model, we must highlight and promote the modern-day advantages of taking more control and better care of our overall well-being. So, let’s make a habit of placing self-care as a foundation for a stronger mind and healthier body.